3269 Old Concord Road / Smyrna, GA 30082

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10am Service

3269 Old Concord Road / Smyrna, GA 30082

*The Ark (1st-5th grades) is offered at 10am.

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Highpoint G.A.N.G would like to thank all youth, young adults and parents that participated in our Popcorn Fundraiser. The popcorn will be here this Sunday, Nov. 4th. If you sold Popcorn please pick up your orders before or after service and distribute your popcorn.

Last night's kickoff was great! We love seeing all of the pictures everyone is posting. Let's spread the word about our church by sharing our photos with our friends and followers. We're excited about what's going on at Highpoint! Tag us and use #highpointlive when posting!

Highpoint it's time to CELEBRATE!! Make sure you come out tonight as we kick our festivities off with a Concert! It is casual night so wear your favorite Highpoint T shirts! We are going to have a good time honoring our Pastors and enjoying some great talent!

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